Early Childhood Education Courses

Early childhood education is a thriving industry that mainly deals with the education of children from birth well up to their toddler years. This is a very sensitive teaching job that deals with the aspects of early child development. It focuses on principles that are very critical in the development of the child as well as gearing them up to be ready for formal education from Kindergarten to pre-school up until they reach the primary and secondary levels. ECE is being practiced worldwide and is gaining the support of a lot of parents especially those who have embraced the fact that early child development is the key to a very successful and fruitful future for their children. It is therefore important that an early childhood educator must choose the training schools, online courses as well as education courses that correctly comply with the ECE standards. A close inspection of early childhood education courses clearly reveals that not only are there online training classes available for those who would opt to obtain ECE units over the Internet, but there are different level of studies and certificates that contribute to the levels of education a would-be educator has access to when it comes to early childhood education.

Typical Early Childhood Education Courses

Associate Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education Courses - ClassroomIf an individual is serious about early childhood education, then this is the only course they should be considering, as this is geared towards individuals who aspire to be teachers, counselors, assistants as well as administrators. The courses emphasizes on the different factors of child education, as well as the observation, participation and involvement of both educator and children in the educational system. Various subjects include introduction to basic and advanced early childhood education as well as early child development courses that are essential to the proper development of a child from infancy up until the primary formal education levels.

Certificate of Achievement in Early Childhood Education

This course is specifically tailored to individuals who are interested in Early Childhood Education and early child development but are still unsure of the direction they are heading. All of the credits and units that are gained in this course can be transferred once an individual decides to purse an Associate Arts Degree in ECE.

Certificate of Accomplishment Infant and Childhood Care

This type of course is specifically designed for ECE practitioners who want to concentrate on early child development and would want to practice on the infancy and toddler stages. Most of the courses offer insights on infants and toddlers, including brief introduction to ECE, child health and safety subjects, child development as well as the culture of human behavior and the basics of education. All of the courses and subjects included are designed to steer the educator to prioritize the safety of the child while clearly instigating the value and importance of education.

Certificate of Completion eLearning for Educators

Individuals who have completed this course mainly concentrate on online courses that specifically target Early Childhood Education at the roots. The courses focus on the importance of technology and its contributions to the advancement of the modern society and its implications to the way we currently live our lives. Introduction to eLearning, Assessment in eLearning as well as the Essentials of eLearning are some of the online courses that an individual needs to be dealing with in order to gain a certificate.

Early Childhood Education Classes

If you are serious in obtaining your ECE degree, then you need to take your Early Childhood Education classes seriously. While there are a number of available early childhood programs and other online courses out there that focus on early childhood education, nothing can ever compare to the online school training courses being offered by the Bellevue College. This is a great way to earn ECE units online. Their “Early Learning and Teacher Education” program offers the following courses:

Early Childhood Education – Associate in Arts Degree. (90 ECE units in total for completion)

Early Childhood Education Courses - GraduationThis course is for those who are serious in obtaining their ECE degree. The school training courses being offered range from 1-5 credits and is the course to get especially if you want a prime Early Childhood Education salary. Courses range from an introduction to early childhood education, general psychology, beginner courses in alphabets and mathematics, Web technology as well as basic interpersonal and intrapersonal skills development.

Early Childhood Education – Associate in Applied Science, T Degree. (90 – 91 ECE units in total for completion)

This course in the combination of the Associate Arts course as well as the technical course needed for job preparation and college-level courses. This is a much more advanced course than the latter, concentrating much more on career classes rather than Early Childhood Education, with subjects including pre-Calculus, Science and Technology, general Anthropology, English and Technical Writing Skills as well as briefly dealing with the basics of early childhood development.

Early Childhood Education – Certificate in Achievement. (49 ECE units in total for completion)

This can be considered “Associate in Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education Lite”, because most of the subjects covered in the Associate Arts Degree are covered here as well.

Infant and Toddler Care – Certificate in Accomplishment. (21 ECE units in total for completion)

This is a really basic course that covers the introduction to early childhood school that governs the infancy and toddler stages. Particular care is given to early childhood education classes involving child safety as well as any information regarding the proper introduction of the child to society.

eLearning for Educators – Certificate of Completion. (12 ECE units in total for completion)

This course is strictly aimed for the educators that want to concentrate on the technological aspect of education, which involves the current trend of technology, Internet and online courses as well as how it affects school training courses.

All of the early childhood education classes place particular care with social behavior and the impact of education on children. Most ECE classes address how to choose the correct environment that would be suitable for the necessary educational purposes, or in certain cases make an environment as viable as possible for the purpose of teaching young children. When you decide which classes to take, ensure that they deal with the effects and introductions to social relationships that can very well mold the way a child integrates himself or herself in society.